My new book: How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?

Book cover from How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?Why do award-winning ‘green’ buildings so often have higher energy bills than ordinary buildings? Why do expensive refurbishments deliver outcomes that are far from the promises of improved sustainability? Why does your building have high running costs and still the occupants complain about being too cold or too hot and are otherwise dissatisfied?

We all know that old buildings were not built with energy efficiency in mind and will usually need retrofitting to reach an acceptable standard, but what is not widely understood is that even modern buildings designed to energy-efficient specifications often do not perform as they should.

Although it may seem extraordinary, there will be few people or organisations that can answer the question posed by this book’s title. This book has therefore been written to help people take control of energy use in non-domestic buildings.

Achieving low-energy buildings does not involve learning rocket science: just some basic building physics, a clear language for talking meaningfully about energy-efficient outcomes with all those in the buildings cycle, and an outlook that casts a new low energy perspective on old problems.

How Much Energy Does Your Building Use? provides that common language. It outlines a path towards understanding what makes for a good quality low-energy building, the stakeholders that need to be engaged, and encourages new ways of thinking about how to reduce energy use and costs.

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Written together with Kerry Mashford, CEO of the National Energy Foundation, this book is for everyone in the buildings cycle, from CEOs of major construction companies to Sustainability, Energy, Environment, Facilities and Utilities managers in any company that aims to reduce energy use in a non-domestic building.

“I enjoyed reading this book – its style made a technical topic easy to relate to and covered building performance issues in a really accessible way.” Dr Judit Kimpian, Architect, AHR, project manager, CarbonBuzz

The book has been published as part of the DōShorts Sustainable Business Collection, and is available in print for £35 or as an ebook for £30.

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